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what is Outlook ?

Outlook is an e-mail software program by Microsoft that enables users to send and receive e-mail on their computer.Somerimes User UNABLE TO OPEN MICROSOFT OUTLOOK TO SENT EMAIL.

"Unable to start Microsoft Outlook" error

UNABLE TO OPEN MICROSOFT OUTLOOK TO SENT EMAIL: Microsoft Outlook may face error due to many problems. May be the PST file is corrupt or it is not upgraded to latest updates released, there might be also problems in configuration. In such cases we need to repair outlook.

The main symptom of this problem is very obvious and easily recognizable: you click Outlook’s icon, an hourglass appears and is hanging for a while, and then you get the “Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook” error.


How to fix "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook" issue?

Now that you know what causes problems on Outlook start up, let’s see how we can get them fixed. Below you will find the troubleshooting steps for 4 most common problems that prevent Outlook from starting correctly, listed in order of frequency and efficiency:

  • Recover Navigation Pane configuration file.
  • Repair your Outlook PST file using Inbox Repair tool.
  • Create a new Outlook profil and import data from the old PST file.
  • Turn off Compatibility Mode.
  • Start Outlook in Safe Mode.
  • Fix Outlook hanging on Loading Profile.
Office 365’s Support and Recovery Assistant:

If you are using the cloud-based Office 365 on a PC or a Mac, download and use the automated Support and Recovery Assistant tool to diagnose and fix many issues, including the problem of Microsoft Outlook not starting..

Download the Support and Recovery Assistant application from Microsoft.

Run the installation. After it’s installed, the Support and Recovery Assistant will automatically start.

Agree to accept the license agreement.

Choose Outlook as the program you want help with.

Use the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant
Select Next.

Choose Outlook Won’t Start and then Next.

Select Yes to confirm you are using the affected computer, followed by Next.

Enter the email address and password you use for Office 365 and click Next.

Wait while the app diagnoses your problem.

Review the results when the assistant is finish.

Follow the prompts and exit the tool if it repairs Outlook.

Check for suggestions of other solutions if the tool is not able to correct the problem.

Software issue, Hardware issue, driver issue or any other issues. You can feel free to contact our support team for further process. So, call now for any queries.


    1. Hi Albert Thank you for visiting our website,To Sync your Outlook with Gmail please follow the steps noted down.
      Log into your Gmail account.
      Click the gear icon at the top right, then choose Settings.
      Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP to bring up the POP and IMAP settings.
      Click Enable IMAP.
      Click Save Changes.
      If need more assistance please contactus.

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